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What Is Vision's

Tangible Marketing Automation?

Vision Graphic’s Tangible Marketing Automation (TMA) is a data-driven, multi-touchpoint, creative solution for your omni-channel marketing strategy. Tangible Marketing Automation helps your business nurture leads, measure ROI, and meet your sales and marketing goals. Want to learn more about this process? Looking for a way to implement our TMA service but don’t know where to begin? Our workbook can help you get started.

What You’ll Get in the Workbook

Within this informational guide, you will find strategies that will help you get started in the process of meeting your marketing goals. The journey is different for everyone—that’s why our workbook will allow you to customize your user journey towards implementing our Tangible Marketing Automation through:

Need more information on the Tangible Marketing Automation process?

Download Our TMA Guide
    Setting your goals - establish your own custom goals that are tailored for your business. You will establish a primary and secondary goal for our TMA service to achieve, as well as laying the groundwork for 6-month, 1-year, and 5-year goals.
    Creating your personas - What are your target demographics? The workbook allows you to lay the framework for who your personas will be, so you know how to tailor your content to them.
    Distinguishing the User Journey - What will the steps in your TMA process be for your customers? Our workbook will allow you to think innovatively and set the actions you want customers to make, and then track them throughout the process after taking those actions.

Let’s Bring Your Vision to Life

When it comes to Tangible Marketing Automation, there are a lot of moving parts, but with this workbook, you will be able to map out user journeys tailored for your company. Contact us today and create a plan for how you will implement your TMA strategy.